[Pacemaker] mass deletion of resources

Anton Melser melser.anton at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 12:38:17 EST 2012

>> > I can't see how to list the options available - I'm obviously
>> > missing
>> > that last bit that would enable me to get the answers for myself...
>> Actually, is it suicide to try and modify
>> /var/lib/heartbeat/crm/cib.xml directly and remove (almost) all the
>> superfluous nodes?
>> I'll back up and give it a try...
>> A
> Don't know much about that but yes my syntax was wrong it's  "crm configure property stop-all-resources=true"
> But to you're other question the shell is much more helpful with command completion and help..
> $crm
> then "configure"
> then "help" and/or "help command"
> tab twice for command list
> partial command plus tab to complete ( i.e. conf + tab)
> Properties don't have help but if you start typing one in
> property stop-al + tab
> it will complete them up to the point you have to fill in (true or false in this case).
> commit to apply configure changes
> up to go up a level
> quit to exit

The plot thickens...

[root at FW1 crm]# crm
crm(live)# configure
crm(live)configure# property st
start-failure-is-fatal=  startup-fencing=         stonith-action=
    stonith-enabled=         stonith-timeout=
stop-all-resources=      stop-orphan-actions=
crm(live)configure# property stop-all-resources=true
crm(live)configure# commit
Signon to CIB failed: reply failed
Init failed, could not perform requested operations
ERROR: cannot parse xml: no element found: line 1, column 0
ERROR: cib-bootstrap-options: attribute stop-all-resource does not exist
Do you still want to commit?

I'm thinking reinstall but is there no way to just delete the config?
I was just going to have at cib.xml but there seems to be a hash...

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