[Pacemaker] Large cluster

Graantik graantik at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 11:43:40 EST 2012

Hi all,

I have a task that I think can logically be implemented using a
pacemaker/corosync cluster with many nodes (e.g. 15) and maybe thousand or
more resources. Most of the resources are parametrized processes controlled
by a custom resource agent. The resources are added and removed
dynamically, typically many (e.g. 100) at one time.

My first tests in a VM environment show that - even after some tuning of
lrmd max-children and custom-batch-limit, optimizing the RA and having the
processes idle - adding so many resources in one step (xml based) appears
to bring the cluster to its knees, i.e. nodes become unresponsive, DC and
other nodes have very high load, and the operation takes an hour or longer.

Does this mean that the design limit of this software/hardware is reached
or are there ways like tuning or best practices to make such a scenario

Are there known implementations of comparable size?

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