[Pacemaker] CRM resource restarts on same machine

Sucheta sucheta at ee.iitb.ac.in
Tue Apr 24 12:27:39 EDT 2012

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From: Sucheta <sucheta at ee.iitb.ac.in>
Date: Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 9:20 PM
Subject: CRM resource restarts on same machine
To: mailman at oss-us-1.clusterlabs.org


HA configuration is as follows--
1. DRBD 8.4.1
2. Pacemaker 1.0
3. Openais

1. failover and failback are happening between the nodes upon making
standby on/off.

Following are the issues:

1. jboss crm_resource restarts on the same node upon failure or killed
manually. The expected behavior should be, all the resources should
fail-over onto node-2, which is not happening.
2. Any resource failure on node-1 should move all the resources onto node-2
and vice-versa.

Attached file has the CRM configuration of 2 Virtual machines and  2
physical machines.

Please guide.

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