[Pacemaker] Issue with clusterlab mysql ocf script

Andrew Beekhof andrew at beekhof.net
Thu Sep 22 22:43:07 EDT 2011

On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 7:08 AM, Michael Szilagyi <mszilagyi at gmail.com> wrote:
> Did some more testing and figured I would add that even Slave resources
> rejoin the cluster as a Master role briefly before switching back to Slave.
>  Of course, since the mysql RA uses event notification this still has the
> effect of unsetting all masters whenever a new node joins.  Since a master
> role is possibly configured already, the pre-premote notification event
> doesn't get fired again and replication remains broken.  It seems likely
> that I must be doing something wrong since this would be a pretty normal use
> case and completely breaks the mysql replication cluster.
> Thoughts anyone?

Definitely sounds like a problem in the RA.
Hopefully the author can comment...

> On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 10:19 AM, Michael Szilagyi <mszilagyi at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> I'm having a problem with master/slave promotion using the most recent
>> version of the mysql ocf script hosted off the clusterLabs/resource-agents
>> github repo.
>> The script works well failing over to a slave if a master looses
>> connection with the cluster.  However, when the master rejoins the cluster
>> the script is doing some undesirable things.  Basically, if the master
>> looses connection (say I pull the network cable) then a new slave is
>> promoted and the old master is just orphaned (which is fine, I don't have
>> STONITH setup yet or anything).  If i plug that machine's cable back in then
>> the node rejoins the cluster and initially there are now two masters (the
>> old, orphaned one and the newly promoted one).  Pacemaker properly sees this
>> and demotes the old master to a slave.
>> After some time debugging the ocf I think what is happening is that the
>> script sees the old master join and fires off a post-demote notification
>> event for the returning master which causes a unset_master command to be
>> executed.  This causes all the slaves to remove their master connection
>> info.  However, since the other master server has already been promoted and
>> is (to its mind) already replicating to the other slaves in the cluster, a
>> new pre-promote is never fired which means that the slaves do not get a new
>> CHANGE MASTER TO issued so I wind up with a broken replication setup.
>> I'm not sure if I'm missing something in how this is supposed to be
>> working or if this is a limitation of the script.  It seems like there must
>> be either a bug or something I've got setup wrong, however, since it's not
>> all that unlikely that such a scenario could occur.  If anyone has any ideas
>> or suggestions on how the script is supposed to work (or what I may be doing
>> wrong) I'd appreciate some ideas.
>> I'll include the output of my crm configure show in case it'll be useful:
>> node $id="a1a3266d-24e2-4d1b-bfd7-de3bac929661" seven \
>> attributes"mysql-bin.000005"
>>"607" four-log-file-p_mysql="mysql-bin.000040"
>> four-log-pos-p_mysql="2150"
>> node $id="cc0227a2-a7bc-4a0d-ba1b-f6ecb7e7d845" four \
>> attributes"mysql-bin.000005"
>>"865" three-log-file-p_mysql="mysql-bin.000022"
>> three-log-pos-p_mysql="106"
>> node $id="d9d3c6cb-bf60-4468-926f-d9716e56fb0f" three \
>> attributes"mysql-bin.000038"
>>"607" three-log-pos-p_mysql="4"
>> primitive p_mysql ocf:heartbeat:mysql \
>> params binary="/usr/sbin/mysqld" config="/etc/mysql/my.cnf" \
>> params pid="/var/lib/mysql/mySQL.pid" socket="/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock"
>> \
>> params replication_user="sqlSlave" replication_passwd="slave" \
>> params additional_parameters="--skip-slave-start" \
>> op start interval="0" timeout="120" \
>> op stop interval="0" timeout="120" \
>> op promote interval="0" timeout="120" \
>> op demote interval="0" timeout="120" \
>> op monitor interval="5" role="Master" timeout="30" \
>> op monitor interval="10" role="Slave" timeout="30"
>> ms ms_mysql p_mysql \
>> meta master-max="1" clone-max="3" target-role="Started" is-managed="true"
>> notify="true" \
>> meta target-role="Started"
>> property $id="cib-bootstrap-options" \
>> dc-version="1.0.9-da7075976b5ff0bee71074385f8fd02f296ec8a3" \
>> cluster-infrastructure="Heartbeat" \
>> stonith-enabled="false" \
>> last-lrm-refresh="1314307995"
>> Thanks!
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