[Pacemaker] Announce: Two project changes

Andrew Beekhof andrew at beekhof.net
Thu Sep 22 22:01:45 EDT 2011

Hi All,

There are two significant changes planned for Pacemaker 1.1 [1] that
I'd like to circulate as early as possible.

The first is that rather than having OneTrueShell, Dejan is going to
split off the existing crm shell into a new project.  Hopefully this
will reduce the entry barrier for new projects and stimulate healthy
competition - as happened for the GUI.

It is still very early on in the process, Dejan will follow up with
project, mailing list and bugzilla details in due course.  To give
users and distros a chance to catch up, the shell will also remain
part of Pacemaker[1], but only for the immediate future.

The other change relates to the libraries Pacemaker uses for IPC
(inter-process communication) and scheduling.  By the end of the year,
it is likely that we will start making use of libqb[2], which is
derived from the Corosync codebase.

Rolling upgrades will be unaffected since this only concerns
communication between the Pacemaker daemons on a single host.  
However the APIs are significantly different and switching to libqb
/may/ indirectly require us to drop Heartbeat support.

Removal of Heartbeat support[1] is not yet certain, we won't remove it
unless there is no other way, but the potential impact is significant
enough to warrant early notice of the direction we're taking.


-- Andrew

[1] These changes apply only to the 1.1 release series and beyond,
    future 1.0.x releases will be unaffected.

[2] https://github.com/asalkeld/libqb

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