[Pacemaker] Dovecot Resource agent

Fiorenza Meini fmeini at esseweb.eu
Mon Sep 12 08:45:24 EDT 2011

Hi there,
I configured a test cluster for my email system: postfix + dovecot (pop3 
+ imap service).
I have problem to monitor dovecot service (postfix is ok as OCF RA ); I 
configured  it as LSB resource and I'm experiencing a strange behaviour: 
it does not start automatically, for example while starting all the 
cluster infrastructure or moving from a node to other node, but when I 
from command line give: crm resource start dovecot_res, the service is 

I'm wondering if anyone has configured successfully a RA for dovecot...
Is there an OCF Resource Agent for dovecot ?

Thanks and regards

Fiorenza Meini
Spazio Web srl

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