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Fri Oct 28 06:41:40 UTC 2011

differ in a result, offending host should be restarted if admin says
'restart' or 'reboot' in fencing parameters for that host (sorry, do not
remember which one is used).
Need in manual 'on' looks like a limitation for me so I wouldn't use
such fencing mechanism. I prefer to have everything automated and
predictable as much as possible.
If 'on' is not done, then fencing is not doing what you've specified
(for 'reboot/reset' action).

Even more, if we need to do 'reset' of a host which has two PSUs
connected to two different PDUs, then it should be translated to
'all-off' - 'delay' - 'all-on' automatically. I would like such powerful
fencing system very much (yes, I'm a careful admin).

I understand that implementation will require some efforts (even for so
great programmer like you Andrew), but that would be a really useful


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