[Pacemaker] 2 node cluster questions

Florian Haas florian at hastexo.com
Fri Nov 25 11:18:31 EST 2011

On 11/25/11 15:13, Nick Khamis wrote:
> Hello Hellemans,
> I can't speak much for the lack of quorum support outside of a 2 node
> cluster, other than you can
> get additioanl support using cman.

Er, what?

> I personally don't like adding
> another partial cluster stack into
> the equations. And I don't think Suse Enterprise supports the RH
> technology.

I don't see how that's in any way relevant to Dirk's question. Pacemaker
on SLE may not support cman, but it definitely supports quorum via
Corosync, and it most definitely supports fencing.

> As for node fencing
> order, this can always be manipulated through the use of:
> * Resource stickiness
> * Location/collocation/anti-location

Either I am grossly misunderstanding what you mean, or this is untrue. I
can't see how node fencing would be directly affected by any of those,

> You could also using the network RAs (IPAddr2, and ping), to determine
> node network connectivity,

Really? Last I checked IPaddr2 did not do any network connectivity
monitoring (unless reporting failure if someone unloaded the driver
module counts as "connectivity monitoring"). ethmonitor and ping do.


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