[Pacemaker] Announcing Pacemaker Cloud 0.4.1 - Available now for download!

Steven Dake sdake at redhat.com
Wed Jul 27 17:45:35 EDT 2011

Angus and I announced a project to apply high availability best known
practice to the field of cloud computing in late March 2011.  We reuse
the policy engine of Pacemaker.  Our first tarball is available today
containing a functional prototype demonstrating these best known practices.

Today the software supports a deployable/assembly model.  Assemblies
represent a virtual machine and deployables represent a collection of
virtual machines.  Resources within a virtual machine can be monitored
for failure and recovered.  Assemblies and deployables are also
monitored for failure and recovered.

Currently the significant limitation with the software is that it
operates single node.  As a result it is not suitable for deployment
today.  We plan to address this in the future by integrating with other
cloud infrastructure systems such as Aeolus (developer ml on CC list).

The software will be available in Fedora 16 for all to evaluate that run
Fedora.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.  To provide feedback,
join the mailing list:


If you have interest in developing for cloud environments around the
topic of high availability, please feel free to download our git repo
and submit patches.  We also are interested in user feedback!

To get the software, check out:


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