[Pacemaker] "crm resource restart" does not work on the DC node with crmd-transtion-delay="2s"

NAKAHIRA Kazutomo nakahira.kazutomo at oss.ntt.co.jp
Wed Jul 27 05:58:08 EDT 2011

Hi, all

I configured crmd-transition-delay="2s" to address the following problem.


And then, "crm resource restart" command get become less able to
restart any resources on the DC node.
# "crm resource restart" works fine on the non-DC node.
# Please see attached hb_report generated on the simple environment.

How can I use "crm resource restart" command on the DC node
with crmd-transtion-delay="2s"?

I confirmed that I can avoid this problem by the following procedure
 1. "crm resource stop rsc-ID"
 2. wait crmd-transtion-delay(2) scond
 3. "crm resource start rsc-ID"
but this behavior(restart does not works on the DC node)
may be confuse users.

Best regards,

Infrastructure Software Technology Unit
NTT Open Source Software Center
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