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Subject: [Pacemaker] Fedora 16 Cluster
> I've spent the last month or so building linux clusters.  2 of them in 
> a VM environment on fedora 15.  I went through the Clusters from 
> Scratch Tutorial; which sort of worked.  At this time I am looking for 
> a sanity check.
> My requirements are  to have  a 4 node load balanced cluster with 
> shard access to a SAN volume.  The SAN will be using GFS2.
>  I believe I need corosync, Openais, PaceMaker, and GFS2 utilities.
> Where the confusion is coming from is the use of CMAN in the clusters 
> from scratch.  It seems from what I am reading that Pacemaker should 
> be able to do everything I need and I am wondering if the use of cman 
> is old information.
> Any thoughts comments or suggestiosn are greatly appreciated, Thanks 
> in advance.
No, CMAN is the new information. Theres a nasty bug out there (see 
if you setup pacemaker 1.1 without the new MCP stuff. Best solution is 
to switch to CMAN. See 

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