[Pacemaker] Cleanup on Master/Slave DRBD resource changes, the roles

Georgios Kasapoglou gkasap at intracom.gr
Fri Dec 2 06:19:07 EST 2011

Hello Andreas, first of all, thanks for the quick reply. I've noticed 
that stop and start is executed on any resource when I'm running cleanup 
on. Which also affects all other resources when it is in an "order". 
Please find attached the configuration. Regards, Georgios 
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> Hi all,
> I've a 2-nodes cluster using pacemaker 1-2.
> I've set a DRBD resource, according to
> http://www.clusterlabs.org/wiki/PostgresHowto#4._Configuring_DRBD
> Everything works fine, except when I'm trying to cleanup the "master".
> E.g., when I ran cleanup on drbd_r0:0 which runs on node1 while it is
> Master, then it will change to Slave
> and drbd_r0:1 on node2 will become Master.
please show us your complete Pacemaker configuration

> I've checked the /var/log/messages and saw the message below:
> r0 already Primary, demoting.
> I found that  drbd_start function in
> "/usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/linbit/drbd" is responsible for this.
> I've searched in the documentation, how cleanup works but found nothing.
> Maybe I have not searched in the
> right documents. I suspect that it calls stop and start.
> Is that true?
cleanup removes all information from the status section of the resource
and triggers a reprobe followed by any other action that brings the
resource into the desired state.


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