[Pacemaker] Ordering and Colocation

Curtis curtis at tinbrain.net
Mon Aug 15 05:57:24 EDT 2011

On 15/08/11 19:07, Dan Frincu wrote:
> Hi,
>>> Now, from talking with beekhof on IRC, All I need is ordering and
>>> colocation. This has worked for bringing it up, but when I, say, stop
>>> LVM... the publishing doesn't stop.
> How do you stop LVM? On what node?

I was manually stopping it using "crm".

> Are you running DRBD dual-primary by any chance?

Yes, I am.

> STONITH configured? And enabled? And tested?

Am moving onto stonith testing next.

Thankfully, beekhof told me on IRC I had my ordering around backwards.

All appears much brighter now.

Thanks for your efforts.


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