[Pacemaker] Resource Agents 1.0.4: HA LVM Patch

Ulf mopp at gmx.net
Wed Apr 27 05:56:51 EDT 2011

>> During the reboot of a server many distributions do a "vgscan --mknodes", which will activate the VG.

>Pacemaker checks on startup for all resources on a node if
>they're running (started).
Yes, that is true. But as mentioned above a vgscan during the boot will activate the VG, which many distributions will do.

>What makes a VG non-cLVM? Why not just use cLVM?
Because it is another piece of software, which needs to run and work.
If a cLVM VG is active on all nodes, someone might activate it by accident.
I like to have a cluster solution, which is protected against some "layer 8 problems"
In my eyes cLVM should only be used with cluster-fs.

But I understand that nobody seems to like the idea.

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