[Pacemaker] [pacemaker] need some help regarding network failure setup in pacemaker.

rakesh k rakirocker4236 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 05:44:36 EDT 2011

Hello Everybody

 How can we detect network failure in pacemaker configuration. where my to
nodes in cluster frame work  are as follows

two network routers connected via switch as mediator for communication.

how can we detect network failure and stop the heartbeat processes, when i
shutdown the interface. i am seeing a split brain issue.where heart beat is
started on two nodes and each acting as two different heartbeat process.

I had configured pingd resource which comes with pacemaker, as clone
processes when there is a network failure, i see there is a split brain
issue where the heart beat processes are starting separately on both nodes,
my question is here is, is there any way to stop the heart beat process
while pingd on a particular node gives that there is communication between
the interface and node where HA is running.

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