[Pacemaker] Stonith Device APC AP7900

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That would be great if you could pass those on to me.

Thank you,


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On 2010/11/18 1:01 AM, Andrew Daugherity wrote:
>>>> In production I am planning to have 2 separate AP7900 units each
>>>> into 2 different APC UPS units to achieve that.  I would then have the
>>>> single node name on each, for each of the 2 PS's on the individual
>>>> systems.
>> ...
>> Right, there's currently no way to do a simultaneous reset on two
>> distinct fencing devices.
> There is one possible solution to this -- the APC switched PDUs do
> support being configured in multicast groups, and you can configure
> groups of outlets together, even spanning several PDUs.  For example you
> could say PDU 1, outlet 1 and PDU 2, outlet 3 are known as "webserver1",
> and then tell it to "power cycle webserver1".  If it's not already
> supported by the stonith agent it shouldn't be too hard to add it --
> APC's syntax is actually documented fairly well.
> The obvious disclaimer is that I haven't tried this myself.  I do have a
> similar setup, but decided it was easier to use the IPMI stonith agent
> (external/ipmi) to control my servers.

I have 'solved' this problem in two ways:
1. I have a pdu fencing script which accepts multiple ip addresses as 
parameters - it instructs all pdus to turn off the relevant ports

2. I have also created a stonith_multi script which is a wrapper which 
calls multiple stonith devices - in its current incarnation, this only 
requires success from a single device, but is could easily be modified 
to require success from all devices.

Let me know if either of those sound useful to you, and I can forward 
them on.


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