[Pacemaker] 2 node failover cluster + MySQL Master-Master replica setup

Dan Frincu dfrincu at streamwide.ro
Thu Nov 11 01:18:53 EST 2010


Attila Ruzsinszky wrote:
> Hi,
> Please help me!
> I want to solve the above task.
> I'm a beginner in cluster and MySQL.
> MySQL M-M setup is working. When I start cluster sw (pacemaker+openais)
> everything seems good. There is a master mysqld on clusterB node and slave
> mysqld on clusterA.
You're not making sense, first you say MySQL Master-Master, then you 
mention master mysqld on clusterB and slave mysqld on clusterA. So, 
which one is it:
- MySQL Master-Master (or Multi-Master) which can be achieved via MySQL 
- MySQL Master-Slave, which can be achieved via MySQL Replication as well
- MySQL Master with a DRBD backend (even MySQL docs recommend this type 
of setup for some use cases) in which the MySQL instance runs only where 
DRBD is primary
- MySQL Cluster (nothing to do with Pacemaker, although they can be put 
together in a setup)

> If I connect to the common "cluster" IP I can create DB. It is good.
> If I put clusterB standby, mysqld always restarts on clusterA.
> In message file there are lines which are complain about missing
> SUPER and RELOAD privileges. But for which user?
> Do I have to make any special pacemaker config for MySQL M-M setup?
> Is there a cookbook, HowTo, anything I can use configure MySQL+Pacemaker
> for my task?
First you need to determine what is it that your looking for.


> I tried to get some help on #linux-cluster; #mysql and #mysql-nbd IRC channels.
> I got the working M-M setup from #mysql-nbd. The boy is not using pacemaker
> at all. :-(
> Environment:
> Machines are running under VMware. VM guest OS: Novell SLES 11 SP1 +HA 64 bit.
> TIA,
> Ruzsi
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