[Pacemaker] Lighty doesn't come up always

Torsten Bronger bronger at physik.rwth-aachen.de
Tue Jul 6 04:28:38 EDT 2010


We have a two-node cluster with a virtual IP and Lighty running on
that node which has this IP currently.  Thus, our configuration

    node $id="xxx" mandy
    node $id="yyy" olga
    primitive Public-IP ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr2 \
            params ip="" broadcast="" nic="eth1" cidr_netmask="23" \
            op monitor interval="60s"
    primitive lighty lsb:lighttpd \
            op monitor interval="60s" timeout="30s" on-fail="restart" \
            op start interval="0" timeout="60s" \
            meta migration-threshold="3" failure-timeout="30s" target-role="Started"
    primitive pingd ocf:pacemaker:pingd \
            params host_list="" multiplier="100" \
            op monitor interval="15s" timeout="20s"
    group lighty_group Public-IP lighty
    clone pingclone pingd \
            meta globally-unique="false"
    location lighty-on-connected-node lighty_group \
            rule $id="lighty-on-connected-node-rule" -inf: not_defined pingd or pingd lte 0
    colocation ip-with-lighty inf: Public-IP lighty
    property $id="cib-bootstrap-options" \
            dc-version="1.0.8-zzz" \
            cluster-infrastructure="Heartbeat" \

(By the way, is there an ocf:lighttpd somewhere?)

The problem is that under some circumstances, Lighty is not
started.  Instead, crm_mon shows at the bottom:

    Failed actions:
        lighty_monitor_0 (node=olga, call=3, rc=1, status=complete): unknown error
        lighty_monitor_0 (node=mandy, call=3, rc=1, status=complete): unknown error

What does this "unknown error" mean?  I is not further explained in
the log files, neither in Heartbeat's nor in Lighty's.  Well, in
Lighty's, there's nothing about errors at all.

If I restart heartbeat on one of the nodes, then it works.  But how
do I get it up reliably?


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