[Pacemaker] Pacemaker cant start CTDB

Justin Shafer justinshafer at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 12:02:42 EDT 2010

Hello all


I have noticed that corosync cant start CTDB in Fedora and Ubuntu. It will
work in SLES11 after installing samba-winbind. Going through the logs.
sometimes it cant get a recovery lock (filesystem related I know).. but
other times I have tried it can get a recovery lock. and once it does it
stops the monitoring and stops winbind and shuts down. 


It was doing this with SLES 11 until I added samba-winbind, so I am just
guessing it cant find smb, nmb and winbind on Ubuntu and Fedora but its just
a guess.. In Suse it would start and then stop and never really say why in
ctdb.log until I added winbind and then the logs showed it trying to start
samba, etc. Too bad not all distros are the same in regards to smb, smbd,
samba. I configured /etc/default/ctdb in ubunti and /etc/sysconfig/ctdb in
fedora but no dice. Also I noticed that corosync doesn't rip out
/etc/default/ctdb and replace it with its own like in SLES11.. at least
Ubuntu isn't.


That's all I can say.. Just wanted to tell someone. My wife didn't seem to
care too much. =)








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