[Pacemaker] quorum disk

Andrew Beekhof andrew at beekhof.net
Mon Feb 8 10:43:13 EST 2010

On Mon, Feb 8, 2010 at 4:36 PM, jimbob palmer <jimbobpalmer at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> I've searched the mailing lists for qdisk, quorum disk and quorum
>>>> partition but found nothing.
>>>> How can I configure a two node cluster to use
>>> a quorum disk so that the node that can see the disk will keep resources?
>> We dont have support for qdisk.
>> Check out no-quorum-policy instead.
> I can't find much documentation for no-quorum-policy. I need the
> cluster to keep working in case the connections between the two
> datacenters are cut. It should be impossible (or very nearly
> impossible) for both sides to have the clustered resource up. This is
> for a drbd+nfs+ip setup.
> no-quorum-policy doesn't seem to help with the split brain situation does it?

No, but I can't imagine qdisk does either.
Do you at least have fencing?

>> Alternatively, you could create a scsi-reservation resource and
>> colocate your other resources with that (aka. a resource driven
>> cluster)
> Is this like ocfs2? Each node locks a journal, and if it can't lock
> the journal its kernel panics?

No, it just prevents the resources that depend on the scsi lock from
running if it can't get the lock .

> Leaving the cluster would be better
> here. Where can I read about this?

This is a good start on the concept:

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