[Pacemaker] quorum disk

jimbob palmer jimbobpalmer at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 10:36:50 EST 2010

>>> I've searched the mailing lists for qdisk, quorum disk and quorum
>>> partition but found nothing.
>>> How can I configure a two node cluster to use
>> a quorum disk so that the node that can see the disk will keep resources?
> We dont have support for qdisk.
> Check out no-quorum-policy instead.

I can't find much documentation for no-quorum-policy. I need the
cluster to keep working in case the connections between the two
datacenters are cut. It should be impossible (or very nearly
impossible) for both sides to have the clustered resource up. This is
for a drbd+nfs+ip setup.

no-quorum-policy doesn't seem to help with the split brain situation does it?

> Alternatively, you could create a scsi-reservation resource and
> colocate your other resources with that (aka. a resource driven
> cluster)

Is this like ocfs2? Each node locks a journal, and if it can't lock
the journal its kernel panics? Leaving the cluster would be better
here. Where can I read about this?

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