[Pacemaker] RHEL 5.4 + pacemaker broken?

jimbob palmer jimbobpalmer at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 04:37:21 EST 2010

>>> Maybe its right, does it run?
>> Yum? Unless I force architecture to 64-bit the packages conflict with
>> each other.
>  I meant pacemaker ;-)

pacemaker kind of starts. Using your guide (well written btw - the use
of environment variables is clever) Clusters From Scratch*, everything
looks like it's working apart from "AIS Executive Service" missing
from /var/log/messages - is this normal?

It's also confusing that starting openais works (with the
openaisserviceenableexperimental fix), but starting corosync does not.
I thought they were the same. Starting openais logs info about
corosync in /var/log/messages. argh!

* page 28, s/mesages/messages/

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