[Pacemaker] continue starting chain with failed group resources

Patrick H. pacemaker at feystorm.net
Mon Dec 13 23:12:04 EST 2010

Is there a way to continue down a chain of starting resources once a 
previous resource hast tried to start, no matter if the try was 
successful or not?

I've got 3 iSCSI resources which are in a group, and then an md raid-5 
array as another resource. I have the raid array resource set to start 
after the group with a colocation rule, but it will only start if the 
whole group comes up. Since this is raid-5, we can obviously handle some 
disk failure and start up anyway. So how do I get it to try to start it 
up once all the iSCSI resources have tried to start? Went looking 
through the docs and didnt find anything.

Note: there will be other resources in the chain (like mounting the 
filesystem) that I dont want to try and start if the raid array resource 
didnt start.
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