[Pacemaker] communication channels howto

lxnf98mm at comcast.net lxnf98mm at comcast.net
Thu Aug 26 12:07:44 EDT 2010

On Thu, 26 Aug 2010, Dan Frincu wrote:

> In OpenAIS for example, in /etc/ais/openais.conf you have a directive called 
> interface. In this directive you specify a ringnumber, bindnetaddr, mcastaddr 
> and mcastport. Configuring 2 communication channels means using adding 
> rrp_mode: passive, ringnumber 0 and ringnumber 1, two interface directives in 
> which you use different bindnetaddr IP addresses (ex: and, 
> or whatever IP's you use, but preferably each IP address should be assigned 
> to a different network interface), two different mcastaddr multicast groups 
> (or mcastport, but I'd recommed different mcastaddr's in the range of 
> 239.x.x.x).
> The principle behind it is if one communication channel (network card, IP 
> address connectivity, multicast group/port) fails, the other one is still 
> there for redundancy. I see this similar to the way ring network topologies 
> work, without the token.
> Regards,
> Dan.
> p.s.: Andrew, nice to have you back, to paraphrase a famous quote "Mr. 
> Anderson. Welcome back, we missed you."

Thanks that helps a lot
Just one more thing
If two interfaces are configured are they both used equally


> lxnf98mm at comcast.net wrote:
>>  The DRBD manual says
>>  It is absolutely vital to configure at least two independent OpenAIS
>>  communication channels for this functionality to work correctly.
>>  My Google'n has not yielded any results in the how to do this department
>>  I have DRBD configured and working properly with one channel
>>  Where can I find info to add a second channel
>>  Richard
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