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Ruiyuan Jiang Ruiyuan_Jiang at liz.com
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Thanks for the reply, Richard

I went to the site (gluster.org). It seems it runs the same way as DRBD. In EMC's word, the primary storage is called R1 and replicate copy of the storage is called R2.
DRBD is node A of the cluster accesses and controls R1. Node B of the cluster accesses R2. That is what my understanding. Is gluster the same as DRBD?
HP's HPUX MC/ServiceGuard is both node A and B of the cluster access R1. Normally node A controls R1. When it fails over, node B takes control R1 (active/standby). Is there similar software exists? Redhat's cluster is similar but node A and B have control of R1 (active-active).  


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Hello Ryan,

If you want to have shared storage by two nodes via a SAN, you should
look for a clustered filesystem like gfs2 or ocfs2.
We use shared storage by replication via glusterfs (www.gluster.org).
The backend storage can be on a LUN or on a local disk.
If one node fails, the standby has a replicated data set on which he
will operate.

Works very nice.


>My testing two node (openais and corosync) cluster is up and running (RHEL v5.5). Now I'd like to >create LVM disk storage for the cluster for failover. The cluster is attached to an EMC Symmetrix >SAN. The same LUNs from the EMC Symmetrix can be seen on both nodes.
>I was thinking to use DRBD for the storage management but then I found that I can't use DRBD. >DRBD uses two separate storage devices for two nodes and sync them. The storage that I have is >the one shared by both nodes. HP's HPUX MC/Services shares storage on both nodes. What do I >need for Pacemaker for HA mode to have one shared storage? Redhat's cluster is active-active >mode not HA mode and that is not I want for now. Thanks.
>Ryan Jiang

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