[Pacemaker] Shared Storage

Richard de Vries rdevries1000 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 20 08:55:37 EDT 2010

Hello Ryan,

If you want to have shared storage by two nodes via a SAN, you should
look for a clustered filesystem like gfs2 or ocfs2.
We use shared storage by replication via glusterfs (www.gluster.org).
The backend storage can be on a LUN or on a local disk.
If one node fails, the standby has a replicated data set on which he
will operate.

Works very nice.


>My testing two node (openais and corosync) cluster is up and running (RHEL v5.5). Now I'd like to >create LVM disk storage for the cluster for failover. The cluster is attached to an EMC Symmetrix >SAN. The same LUNs from the EMC Symmetrix can be seen on both nodes.
>I was thinking to use DRBD for the storage management but then I found that I can't use DRBD. >DRBD uses two separate storage devices for two nodes and sync them. The storage that I have is >the one shared by both nodes. HP's HPUX MC/Services shares storage on both nodes. What do I >need for Pacemaker for HA mode to have one shared storage? Redhat's cluster is active-active >mode not HA mode and that is not I want for now. Thanks.
>Ryan Jiang

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