[Pacemaker] Could not connect to the CIB service: connection failed

Dejan Muhamedagic dejanmm at fastmail.fm
Tue Aug 17 08:01:50 EDT 2010


On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 10:28:01AM +0100, Brett Delle Grazie wrote:
> Hi,
> Are you using backports or the madkis repository?
> For lenny you should be using backports.
> I had a similar problem, remove the 'use_logd' and 'use_mgmtd' lines from your 
> service entry for pacemaker.  Try just removing the use_logd first.
> I think the current version(s) of pacemaker no longer use logd or the service 
> definition in corosync no longer supports it.

Really? Hmm, nobody told me. At any rate, that'd be a serious
regression and would break some existing installations.
Otherwise, it could be that it's unintentionally broken. If so,
then the packages need to be fixed.

> btw, my service definition for pacemaker is in a separate file in /etc/corosync/services.d/
> (or some similar directory - I can't quite remember and I'm not at my system at the moment).




> Hope this helps.
> Brett
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> From: Bastian Schern [mailto:ml04 at reventix.de]
> Sent: Tue 17/08/2010 10:08
> To: The Pacemaker cluster resource manager
> Subject: [Pacemaker] Could not connect to the CIB service: connection failed
> Hallo,
> I tried to install Pacemaker with Corosync on Debian Lenny based on the 
> HowTo: http://www.clusterlabs.org/wiki/Debian_Lenny_HowTo
> Some month ago I already set up my first working Cluster on Lenny 
> without any problems.
> But now on two new hosts I'm not able to get the CRM working. Corosync 
> itself seems to work.
> I attached my corosync.conf and the corresponding log lines.
> Does anybody know what's going wrong?
> Thanks
> 	Bastian
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