[Pacemaker] Could not connect to the CIB service: connection failed

Brett Delle Grazie Brett.Dellegrazie at Intact-is.com
Tue Aug 17 05:28:01 EDT 2010


Are you using backports or the madkis repository?
For lenny you should be using backports.

I had a similar problem, remove the 'use_logd' and 'use_mgmtd' lines from your 
service entry for pacemaker.  Try just removing the use_logd first.

I think the current version(s) of pacemaker no longer use logd or the service 
definition in corosync no longer supports it.

btw, my service definition for pacemaker is in a separate file in /etc/corosync/services.d/

(or some similar directory - I can't quite remember and I'm not at my system at the moment).

Hope this helps.


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I tried to install Pacemaker with Corosync on Debian Lenny based on the 
HowTo: http://www.clusterlabs.org/wiki/Debian_Lenny_HowTo

Some month ago I already set up my first working Cluster on Lenny 
without any problems.

But now on two new hosts I'm not able to get the CRM working. Corosync 
itself seems to work.

I attached my corosync.conf and the corresponding log lines.

Does anybody know what's going wrong?


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