[Pacemaker] rsc_order plus resource_set problem

Michael Fung mike at 3open.org
Mon Aug 9 23:00:29 EDT 2010

Hello Dejan,

> That cannot be the case, because tabs are treated as space. The
> problem comes from specifying 'sequential="true"' which, because
> default, is not generated hence the original XML and the
> generated XML differ. In that case shell will refuse to use its
> notation. For instance, you can edit that constraint element you
> quoted above in shell (edit order-vzfs), remove the sequential
> option, and everything'll be fine.

You are right! I overlooked that change, silly of me.

> But you didn't say if the new constraint worked or not.

The new constraint worked like a charm. I am very happy that syntax
simplified the admin work greatly. Good work!


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