[Pacemaker] rsc_order plus resource_set problem

Michael Fung mike at 3open.org
Mon Aug 9 09:57:18 EDT 2010

On 2010/8/9 下午 07:53, Dejan Muhamedagic wrote:

>> <constraints>
>>         <rsc_order id="order-vzfs">
>>                 <resource_set id="ordered-set-vzfs" sequential="true">
>>                         <resource_ref id="clone_iscsi_svc"/>
>>                         <resource_ref id="clone_iscsi"/>
>>                         <resource_ref id="clone_dlm"/>
>>                         <resource_ref id="clone_clvm"/>
>>                         <resource_ref id="clone_o2cb"/>
>>                         <resource_ref id="clone_vzfs"/>
>>                 </resource_set>
>>         </rsc_order>
>> </constraints>
> There's no score specified.

Thanks Dejan,

There is no score in the pdf manual. Perhaps an update will help others
as well.

Also, I find out the "cannot be represented in the CLI notation" problem
can be solved by replacing all <TAB> characters with spaces in the xml file.


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