[Pacemaker] error: ocf:heartbeat:IPv6addr: could not parse meta-data

Angelo Höngens A.Hongens at netmatch.nl
Tue Aug 24 08:54:52 EDT 2010

Hey guys and girls,

I'm new to pacemaker/heartbeat/corosync/openais. I've been using FreeBSD+Carp for high availability of simple web/proxy servers for a few years now, but we want to standardize all our *nix machines to CentOS now. In my quest for an easy-to-use and robust HA suite, I am now evaluating pacemaker. From what I've seen so far, pacemaker looks very nice.

I set up a test lab with two ESX vm's with CentOS 5.5, and followed the instructions here: http://www.clusterlabs.org/wiki/Install#Installing_on_EPEL_Compatible_Distributions:_RHEL.2C_CentOS.2C_etc 
Because of using yum as a package manager, I can easily query and upgrade packages. 

I can get everything I want to work fine for ipv4 addresses. However, I have a problem with ipv6 addresses (we use ipv6 extensively, and it is a hard requirement). It looks like the IPv6addr resource agent is broken.

I can get information on other resource agents fine:

[root at lb1 ~]# crm configure ra info IPaddr2
Manages virtual IPv4 addresses (Linux specific version) (ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr2)

This Linux-specific resource manages IP alias IP addresses.
It can add an IP alias, or remove one.

However, if I try the same for the IPv6addr ra:

[root at lb1 ~]# crm configure ra info IPv6addr
lrmadmin[29030]: 2010/08/24_14:51:14 ERROR: lrm_get_rsc_type_metadata(578): got a return code HA_FAIL from a reply message of rmetadata with function get_ret_from_msg.
ERROR: ocf:heartbeat:IPv6addr: could not parse meta-data:

Is this a known issue? Does anyone else use this ra?


With kind regards,
Angelo Höngens
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