[Pacemaker] Pacemaker 1.0.8 and -INFINITY master score

Bob Schatz bschatz at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 12 15:54:10 EDT 2010

I upgraded to Pacemaker 1.0.8 since my application consists of Master/Slave 
resources and I wanted to pick up the fix for setting negative master scores.

I am now able to set negative master scores when a resources starts and is SLAVE 
but can't be promoted.  (The reason I want this is the process needs an 
administrative override and has to be up and running for the administrative 

However, when I test this on a one node cluster I see that the resource loops 
through the cycle (attempt promote, timeout, stop the resource, start the 
resource, ...).

I would have thought that a master score of -INFINITY would have prevented the 

My configuration is:

node $id="f4e5e15c-d06b-4e37-89b9-4621af05128f" mgraid-bob00001-0
primitive SSJ5AMKP00009010REPK ocf:omneon:ss \
    params ss_resource="SSJ5AMKP00009010REPK" 
ssconf="/var/omneon/config/config.J5AMKP00009010REPK" \
    op monitor interval="3s" role="Master" timeout="7s" \
    op monitor interval="10s" role="Slave" timeout="7" \
    op stop interval="0" timeout="100" \
    op start interval="0" timeout="120" \
    meta id="SSJ5AMKP00009010REPK-meta_attributes"
ms ms-SSJ5AMKP00009010REPK SSJ5AMKP00009010REPK \
    meta clone-max="2" notify="true" globaally-unique="false" 
location ms-SSJ5AMKP00009010REPK-master-w1 ms-SSJ5AMKP00009010REPK \
    rule $id="ms-SSJ5AMKP00009010REPK-master-w1-rule" $role="master" 100: #uname 
eq mgraid-BOB00001-0
property $id="cib-bootstrap-options" \
    dc-version="1.0.8-9881a7350d6182bae9e8e557cf20a3cc5dac3ee7" \
    cluster-infrastructure="Heartbeat" \

Is this the expected behavior?




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