[Pacemaker] API for programmatically controlling a heartbeat 3 cluster?

martin.braun at icw.de martin.braun at icw.de
Thu Jun 18 09:47:46 EDT 2009

Hi All,

I want to be able to configure the CIB of a heartbeat/pacemaker cluster 
programmatically (Java).

I don't want to reinvent the PythonGUI - I just want to be able to change 
some basic settings like the Virtual-IP Address (i.e. changing resource's 
attributes),  set a node to standby  or getting some status messages from 
within a webbased application running inside the cluster. 

What would be the best practice for  this ? 
Are there any APIs (and some documentation) to communicate with 
heartbeat/pacemaker ? 
Or do I have to system.execute the cibadmin command providing 
xml-fragments ?

Thanks in advance,

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