[Pacemaker] experience and/or comments on eaton's epdu

Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] r.bhatia at ipax.at
Wed Jun 17 12:14:14 EDT 2009


is anyone using eaton epdu, e.g. [1] in a ha environment?

i am particularly interested in:

a. is there a stonith plugin that is working with those epdus? or
b. should it be possible to write such a plugin?

i read that they support Telnet, SSH, IPMI2 and a Raritan integration.

c. do i correctly read/interpret that you can monitor the power
   consumption of every outlet?

> Managed (MA)
>     * Includes switched and monitored functionality
>     * Managing, monitoring and switching of individual outlets
>     * Includes trending software for in depth analys

d. is anyone using this pdu and can comment on handling, reliability,
etc. of this or a similar product?


[1] http://www.epdu.com/products/ViewProduct.php?PartNumber=PW104MA0UA85
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