[Pacemaker] System Health backend patch part 1 (Andrew Beekhof)

Mark Hamzy hamzy at us.ibm.com
Thu Jul 2 12:52:37 EDT 2009

andrew at beekhof.net wrote on 06/30/2009 14:14:12 PM:

> I'd prefer sbin_PROGRAMS instead of halib_PROGRAMS for
> notifyServicelogEvent (the others are only installed there for legacy
> reasons).
> Also, since you're linking against crmcommon (which should be
> $(top_builddir)/lib/common/libcrmcommon.la btw), you may want to use
> the crm_err(), crm_debug() macros instead of using syslog directly.
> If you're happy with those two changes I'll make them and commit

As I was making the changes locally, I did notice that
notifyServicelogEvent needed
to now support --help and --version in order for help2man to work.

So I am attaching a revised patch for you here...

(See attached file: pacemaker.mark.1.patch)

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