[Pacemaker] [Debian-HA] Updates: Pacemaker 1.0.4, Pacemaker Management Client

Brice Figureau brice+ha at daysofwonder.com
Thu Jul 2 05:03:17 EDT 2009


On Mon, 2009-06-08 at 00:36 +0200, Martin Gerhard Loschwitz wrote:
> snipped
> Please feel free to test the packages and give feedback. The OpenAIS mgmt
> stuff at least workd fine on a cluster that I tested it on, even remote
> with X forwarding enabled.
> Best Regards
> Martin

I'm trying your packages (and thanks for them!) for an heartbeat test

So far except a few warnings at installation about /var/lib/heartbeat
which seems to be created by heartbeat and the pacemaker-heartbeat
package, I found only one fatal issue when starting the
cluster: /var/run/crm isn't created, so attrd and crmd crash at start.

See hg commit 9f93805514c2 for an upstream fix I provided a couple of
month ago.

Thanks for your work!
Brice Figureau
My Blog: http://www.masterzen.fr/

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