[Pacemaker] IPMI Stonith

Andreas Mock Andreas.Mock at web.de
Tue Jan 20 11:01:54 EST 2009

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> > Ok, but what about a kernel panic ? when the OS hungs up the other node 
> > can't know what is happening on the node that is hunged up. I am 
> > thinking on this situation.
> The state of host OS doesn't influence the ipmi (lights-out)
> device. As long as the node has power and the network connection
> to the ipmi device works, you should be ok.

Hi all,

that is a interesting question as I saw once an IPMI device driver for the OS.
That meant that you could control the functionality of the IMPI device from 
the OS. In this case you could get trouble if the OS is "out of order".

So, how is the IMPI functionality accessed?

Best regards
Andreas Mock

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