[Pacemaker] can any1 tell me why wc01 kind of fenced itself?

Andreas Kurz andreas.kurz at linbit.com
Sun Feb 15 16:20:08 EST 2009


On Sun, February 15, 2009 7:37 pm, Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] wrote:
> hi,
> i had the cluster up and running (2 nodes, wc01 and wc02).
> 1) following recent changes to the globally-unique handling,
> i reviewed all my settings and explicitly set globally-unique=false to
> several resources.
> 2) i tried to change the logging to log to the local7 changing my
> logd.cf and ha.cf configuration files on the non-dc node.
> 3) i configured rsyslog to redirect local7 to /var/log/ha.log and
> /var/log/ha-debug.log.
> 4) i issued /etc/init.d/heartbeat reload

So you wanted all resources to be migrated to wc02 ... as this kills and
restarts all heartbeat/pacemaker processes. Why not setting the cluster
into unmanaged mode?

> i observed the following thing:
> a) the node kind of fenced itself. most programs (including ssh) got
> killed. wc02 took over all resources after some time.

Looks like the "group_webservice" also needs a "globally_unique=false"

Feb 15 18:10:15 wc01 crmd: [17757]: info: do_lrm_rsc_op: Performing
key=134:44:0:9949f46a-b1a8-454e-a180-b7d746507937 op=fs_www:0_stop_0 )
Feb 15 18:10:15 wc01 lrmd: [17754]: info: rsc:fs_www:0: stop
Feb 15 18:10:15 wc01 crmd: [17757]: info: do_lrm_rsc_op: Performing
key=146:44:0:9949f46a-b1a8-454e-a180-b7d746507937 op=fs_www:1_stop_0 )
Feb 15 18:10:15 wc01 lrmd: [17754]: info: rsc:fs_www:1: stop

... the clones cannot be told apart, they seem to be running both on this
node so they are both stopped ....

Feb 15 18:10:15 wc01 Filesystem[22969]: INFO: unmounted /data/www

... first umount works as expected ....

Feb 15 18:10:15 wc01 lrmd: [17754]: info: RA output:
(fs_www:1:stop:stderr) umount2: Invalid argument
Feb 15 18:10:15 wc01 lrmd: [17754]: info: RA output:
(fs_www:1:stop:stderr) umount: /data/www: not mounted

... some sort of race condition ... the second umount returns an error and
the Filesystem RA now tries to kill all processes accessing the
"filesystem" which is now the root filesystem where the mountpoint
/data/www resides :-(

Feb 15 18:10:15 wc01 lrmd: [17754]: info: RA output: (fs_www:1:stop:stderr)
Feb 15 18:10:15 wc01 Filesystem[22970]: ERROR: Couldn't unmount /data/www;
trying cleanup with SIGTERM

... and _all_ processes accessing your root filesystem receive a SIGTERM.
So the node did some kind of suicide.


> can any1 explain why this happened?
> cheers, raoul --
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