[Pacemaker] can any1 tell me why wc01 kind of fenced itself?

Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] r.bhatia at ipax.at
Sun Feb 15 13:37:03 EST 2009


i had the cluster up and running (2 nodes, wc01 and wc02).

1) following recent changes to the globally-unique handling,
i reviewed all my settings and explicitly set globally-unique=false
to several resources.

2) i tried to change the logging to log to the local7 changing my
logd.cf and ha.cf configuration files on the non-dc node.

3) i configured rsyslog to redirect local7 to /var/log/ha.log and

4) i issued /etc/init.d/heartbeat reload

i observed the following thing:

a) the node kind of fenced itself. most programs (including ssh) got
killed. wc02 took over all resources after some time.

can any1 explain why this happened?

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