[Pacemaker] Seeking advice on debian 2 node active/passive webserver

fred at fredleroy.com fred at fredleroy.com
Wed Dec 30 04:04:43 EST 2009

Hi all,

I'm a real newbie to pacemaker and after quite a few reading, I believe my
setup would be the following :
- 2 node cluster active/passive
- using debian lenny, 1 nic per node, hard raid1 on each node
- plan to use the corosync/pacemaker package
- each node will host drdb (protocol c), ip, apache and mysql services
- drdb will be used for apache and mysql conf and data files
- will group ip, apache and mysql
- will use ms for drdb
- drdb will be using internal meta data
- group of services will be collocated on drdb master
- order group after drdb master.

Is this a workable setup ?
I'm a bit worried about performance issues regarding disk latency,
especially with one nic (lan is gigabit).

Also I would like to monitor operations of all services in the group (ip,
apache and mysql) and drdb so if one fails a switch of node is performed.
I did not understand if this was feasible with lsb (mysqld, for all the
other services i'll try to use the ofc) ?

Any advice on this setup and related questions greatly appreciated !

Frédéric LEROY

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