[Pacemaker] crm_resource problem

Dan Urist durist at ucar.edu
Mon Aug 17 13:45:33 EDT 2009

I was able to delete the resource through the crm shell, so that's at
least a workaround for me.

Dan Urist wrote:
> I have the following definition for an LVM volume, extracted from
> cibadmin -Q:
>>       <!-- LVM volume vsvg1 -->
>>       <primitive class="ocf" id="vsvg1" provider="heartbeat" type="LVM">
>>         <instance_attributes id="vsvg1-instance_attributes">
>>           <nvpair id="vsvg1-instance_attributes-volgrpname" name="volgrpname" value="vsvg1"/>
>>           <nvpair id="vsvg1-instance_attributes-target_role" name="target_role" value="stopped"/>
>>         </instance_attributes>
>>         <meta_attributes id="vsvg1-meta_attributes">
>>           <nvpair id="vsvg1-meta_attributes-target-role" name="target-role" value="Started"/>
>>         </meta_attributes>
>>       </primitive>
> I want to get email alerts when this volume is started/stopped, so I'd
> like to put it in a group with a MailTo resource. For my own clarity,
> I'd like to name the group "vsvg1", so I'd like to delete this resource
> and then define my group.
> I've tried unmanaging the resource with:
>      crm_resource -p is_managed -r vsvg1 -t primitive -v off
> and stopping the resource with:
>      crm_resource -r vsvg1 -p target_role -v stopped
> neither of which seem to do anything according to crm_mon, and when I do:
>      crm_resource -W -r vsvg1
> it tells me the resource is still running. When I try to delete the
> resource with:
>      crm_resource -D -r vsvg1 -t primitive
> I get the error "Error performing operation: Update does not conform to
> the configured schema/DTD"
> Is crm_resource broken, and if so how can I do this cleanly? I'm running
> pacemaker-heartbeat on Debian lenny.

Dan Urist
durist at ucar.edu
303-497-2459 (office)
303-961-2675 (cell)

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