[Pacemaker] crm_resource problem

Dan Urist durist at ucar.edu
Mon Aug 17 13:36:52 EDT 2009

I have the following definition for an LVM volume, extracted from
cibadmin -Q:

>       <!-- LVM volume vsvg1 -->
>       <primitive class="ocf" id="vsvg1" provider="heartbeat" type="LVM">
>         <instance_attributes id="vsvg1-instance_attributes">
>           <nvpair id="vsvg1-instance_attributes-volgrpname" name="volgrpname" value="vsvg1"/>
>           <nvpair id="vsvg1-instance_attributes-target_role" name="target_role" value="stopped"/>
>         </instance_attributes>
>         <meta_attributes id="vsvg1-meta_attributes">
>           <nvpair id="vsvg1-meta_attributes-target-role" name="target-role" value="Started"/>
>         </meta_attributes>
>       </primitive>

I want to get email alerts when this volume is started/stopped, so I'd
like to put it in a group with a MailTo resource. For my own clarity,
I'd like to name the group "vsvg1", so I'd like to delete this resource
and then define my group.

I've tried unmanaging the resource with:

     crm_resource -p is_managed -r vsvg1 -t primitive -v off

and stopping the resource with:

     crm_resource -r vsvg1 -p target_role -v stopped

neither of which seem to do anything according to crm_mon, and when I do:

     crm_resource -W -r vsvg1

it tells me the resource is still running. When I try to delete the
resource with:

     crm_resource -D -r vsvg1 -t primitive

I get the error "Error performing operation: Update does not conform to
the configured schema/DTD"

Is crm_resource broken, and if so how can I do this cleanly? I'm running
pacemaker-heartbeat on Debian lenny.
Dan Urist
durist at ucar.edu
303-497-2459 (office)
303-961-2675 (cell)

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