[Pacemaker] ocf_log

Steve Kwee skwee at itw.de
Thu Apr 16 19:04:45 EDT 2009


Can someone point me to the proper way to debug OCF RAs ?
Looking  at the source of the existing RAs I found ocf_log and ha_log 
and ha_debug.
I followed the source to .ocf-shellfuncs  and /etc/ha.d/shellfuncs
but I did not understand where to configure the logging.
I played around with ha.cf but did not get any of the messages in the
drbd and LVM RAs.

Background: I am using linux ha since a week now and at least I have a simple
drbd-cluster running. I use the current 1.0.3 pacemaker binaries from openSUSE
ha-clustering on openSUSE-11.1
As it seems these binaries support only openAIS and not heartbeat, so I go with
that and it seems to work fine.
As basic-configuration for openAIS and ha.cf I used the one from the wiki at


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