[Pacemaker] Unnecessary shuffling of master/slave resources and maybe a split brain

Dominik Klein dk at in-telegence.net
Thu Nov 20 03:18:49 EST 2008

Only looked at scenario 1.

Adrian Chapela wrote:
> Hello,
> after many tests I found some problems in my config. For that I have 
> attached my hb_reports for two cases.
> The first situation is a problem with connectivity on node2, the master 
> node. This node has unplugged the 

"the"? From node1's ha.cf in the no-connectivity report, you have only 
one communication channel which is a configuration error as is and is 
not supported in any case as far as i know.

> ethernet cable, and for a minutes it 
> has no connectivity at all.

This is exactly the place where some sort of stonith should happen.

> Node1 knew problem and it took the control very well but my problem is 
> the node2 is considering itself as a master node, this could be 
> considered as a split brain ? 


> When technicians plugged again the wire 
> two nodes had comunication again. Node2 after a "negotiation" became the 
> master node again.

You now have more master instances than configured allowed. So 
everything regarding this drbd resource is stopped and started to sort 
things out.


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