[Pacemaker] Unnecessary shuffling of master/slave resources and maybe a split brain

Adrian Chapela achapela.rexistros at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 13:59:57 EST 2008


after many tests I found some problems in my config. For that I have 
attached my hb_reports for two cases.

The first situation is a problem with connectivity on node2, the master 
node. This node has unplugged the ethernet cable, and for a minutes it 
has no connectivity at all.
Node1 knew problem and it took the control very well but my problem is 
the node2 is considering itself as a master node, this could be 
considered as a split brain ? When technicians plugged again the wire 
two nodes had comunication again. Node2 after a "negotiation" became the 
master node again.

The second situation is similar. Someone unplug the power cable of 
node2. Node1 took control again and it became the master node. Then 
someone plug the power cable again and node2 started up. When Heartbeat 
is started, after a while starting and stoping resources, node2 became 
the master node again. But in  this situation node1  remained in a death 

Could you have a look ? I think this bug I found few moths ago could be 
the reason: http://developerbugs.linux-foundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1852

Thank you!

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