[Pacemaker] [pygui] Rewrite "instance_attributes", "operations" and"expression" based on the new model

Junko IKEDA ikedaj at intellilink.co.jp
Sun Mar 16 22:33:23 EDT 2008

> > in the case of compile error,
> > I could compile pacemaker and pygui with this combination.
> > http://hg.beekhof.net/pacemaker/dev/rev/41b359f6822d
> > http://hg.beekhof.net/pacemaker/pygui/rev/65350279a168
> > Pacemaker is on the way to exponential growth.
> Do you mean the number of commits or are you referring to memory leaks?

Before this number of commit, there is no need to take care of "xmlNode",
so I could build them and run with the heartbeat-dev.
I just want to run our code (procd, or GUI) with the latest Pacemaker in dev
because there are a lot of effective patch in it.
But it seems that the dev tree is not the spot for our trial,
we try to build our code into stable-0.6 for now, and will wait the


> > I wonder I do something the right way...
> > (1) build pacemaker; configure, make, install
> > (2) configure pygui
> > (3) copy all of the pygui's files to pacemaker's directory
> > (4) build pygui(in pacemaker's directory); make, install
> >
> > How do you build them and make them work well?
> 2, 3 & 4 should be replaced with:
>    2) build pygui; configure, make, install
> but as mentioned in the other email, the stable-0.6 tree is probably
> what you should be using right now (instead of dev).

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