[Pacemaker] Where to file Pacemaker bugs

Andrew Beekhof beekhof at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 11:04:59 EDT 2008

Hi All,

Just before I left for vacation, Lars and I finally arranged for  
Pacemaker bugs to be hosted by the Linux Foundation.
The problem was finding someone with permission to create the  
Pacemaker project in the existing bugzilla installation :-)

Sharing a bugzilla with Heartbeat and OpenAIS will have the benefit of  
easily being able to reassign bugs between the three clustering  

As of just now I've disabled the entry of new bugs in the Pacemaker  
bugzilla and updated the website.
All new bugs should be created against the Pacemaker product at:

All existing bugs in the "old" system will of course be fixed and I'll  
leave http://bugs.clusterlabs.org up indefinitely for reference  


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