[Pacemaker] (Bug?) regarding resource_stickiness, master_slave and master-colocated groups

Dominik Klein dk at in-telegence.net
Thu Mar 13 11:05:36 EDT 2008


during the writeup of ScoreCalculation on the wiki, I noticed something 
strange. It'd be nice to know whether this is on purpose or a bug.

Test setup is:

2 nodes, 1 drbd device, a group of 3 resource which are to run on top of 
the drbd master.

resource_stickiness is set to 100

If I use a colocation constraint with a score of infinity, the master 
receives a stickiness bonus of 600.

If I change the colocation score to a numeric value (I tested 1000 and 
5000), the bonus is reduced to 400.

I could explain the 600 as 2 * num_resources * stickiness, but I cannot 
see where those 400 come from.

Is this a bug or (why?) is this intended?


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