[Pacemaker] CRM and openAIS

Lars Marowsky-Bree lmb at suse.de
Fri Jan 11 13:49:04 EST 2008

On 2008-01-11T18:54:21, Andrew Beekhof <beekhof at gmail.com> wrote:

>>> they're in heartbeat-resources
>>> though i'm not 100% sure breaking them out into their own package is a
>>> good idea.  thoughts?
>> I'm kind of disagree. Without them CRM is almost useless,
> well in theory the Red Hat (or anyone else) could supply their own set of 
> RAs which could be used instead

They belong into heartbeat-resources, that's fine.

>> so I'd put them into pacemaker-openais.
> Even if I wanted to (which I'm not convinced I do), there are political 
> problems with doing so and we would start having double maintenance issues.
> If anything, I'd merge heartbeat-resources with heartbeat-common.

No, I think they should remain separate. Clearly they don't belong into
pacemaker-ais, as they can be used w/o pacemaker as well.

(I know this is not your interest, but for the Linux HA project in
"legacy mode" it matters, once Alan gets over the split itself.)


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