[Pacemaker] RFC: What part of the XML configuration do you hate the most?

Satomi Taniguchi taniguchis at intellilink.co.jp
Mon Aug 4 02:14:07 EDT 2008

I'm so sorry.

I forgot to attach files...

Satomi Taniguchi

Satomi Taniguchi wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> Thank you for your opitions!
> But I'm afraid that you've misunderstood my intentions...
> Andrew Beekhof wrote:
> (snip)
>> Two problems...
>> The first is that standby happens after the fencing event, so it's not 
>> really doing anything to migrate the healthy resources.
> In the graph, the object "stonith-1 stop 0 rh5node1" just means
> "a plugin named stonith-1 on rh5node1 stops",
> not "fencing event occurs".
> For example, Node1 has two resource groups.
> When a resource in one group is failed,
> all resources in both groups stopped completely,
> and stonith plugin on Node1 stopped.
> After this, both resource group work on Node2.
> I attacched a graph, cib.xml
> and crm_mon's logs (before and after a resource broke down).
> Please see them.
>>  Stop RscZ -(depends on)-> Stop RscY  -(depends on)-> Stonith NodeX  
>> -(depends on)-> Stop RscZ  -(depends on)-> ...
> I just want to stop all resources without STONITH when monitor NG,
> I don't want to change any actions when stop NG.
> The setting on_fail="standby" is for start or monitor operation, and
> it is on condition that the setting of stop operation's on_fail is "fence".
> Then, STONITH is not executed when start or monitor is failed,
> but it is executed when stop is failed.
> So, if RscY's monitor operation is failed,
> its stop operation doesn't depend on "Sonith NodeX".
> And if it is failed to stop RscY,
> NodeX is turned off by STONITH, and the loop above does not occur.
> Best Regards,
> Satomi Taniguchi
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